Let's solve your visual marketing problems.
We'll begin with a Q&A session. We’ll get together and discuss your company, industry, objectives, options, schedule, and budget to ensure you get the best solution for your marketing problem.
Design Objectives Brief
Based on our Q&A session, this brief will recap your project objectives and scope. It will detail the number of mockups, schedule, budget, contract and deposit. Upon approval, the design stage begins.
Design/Visual Solutions
With the brief as my guide, I’ll research, brainstorm and design, resulting in several visual solutions. We’ll evaluate the mockups together and determine which solution is most appropriate for your market. There will be some fine-tuning — resulting in a round (or two) of refined mockups.
With sign-off on the mockups, I’ll prepare final artwork and email proofs to you for review. There may be more fine-tuning or polishing, until we have every detail in place. Upon sign-off of the final proof, I’ll send the artwork to you via email or Dropbox.
If the project will go to a commercial printer, I can forward the artwork to the printer and review printer proofs, which I’ll forward to you for review/sign-off. I can accompany you to the press check, if requested.
Additional Elements
I can supply other file types, for example: eps, jpeg, png, gif, pdfs and similar, depending on your requirements, and create additional collateral, based on your project.

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